Overview of the Slot Game “Santa’s Stack Dream Drop”

King Midas, you know, the man who touched everything and made it turn to gold, right? Every game they touch seems to get a Dream Drop enhancement instead of being transformed into gold, although it’s hard to tell for sure. No, we’re joking, and in many respects, this is an advantageous improvement, as Dream Drop is the name of Relax Gaming’s progressive Jackpot network, which may reach as high as €10 million. Santa’s Stack Dream Drop is a reimagining of an older game that has a new Secret Santa Respin feature and free spins with guaranteed wilds, as well as four Jackpots.

The 8-bit winter paradise that is Santa’s Stack Dream Drop, a cluster-paying slot game played on a grid of 8 by 8. Snow gently falls over the cobblestones of a town plaza in the heart of the holiday season. When paired with the visual design, the bird’s-eye perspective that players see gives the impression that they’re playing a simulation game like SimCity or The Sims while they merrily tap away at the play button. The reel sprites are just as endearing, and the whole setting has a nostalgic, retro feel.

Obviously, some seemingly adorable slot machines are merely cute on the outside. Santa’s Stack Dream Drop fits this description since it is a very volatile game with extreme highs and lows outside of the Jackpots. Due to the Jackpot connection, the RTP has dropped from the base game and is now a more standard 94% for Dream Drop slots. This has resulted in less opportunities for bonus spins. The odds of winning the jackpot increase with the size of your wager, which can range from 20 pence each spin up to £/€50.

When at least five identical symbols appear in adjacent vertical or horizontal positions, a win is generated. The four high payouts are Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, an elf, Mrs. Claus, and Santa Claus, while the three low payments are blue, green, and red light bulbs. When you get a cluster of five matching symbols, you’ll win 0.2 times your wager for the bulbs or 0.5 times your wager for the premiums. This payout increases to a maximum of 750 times your wager for 60 or more low payouts or 10,000 times your wager for 60 or more premium symbols. Wilds can replace any non-wild pay symbol in a winning formation.

Christmas Dream Drop Slot Machine Featured Symbols

A Secret Santa Re-Spin feature, free games, and the Dream Drop Jackpots supplement the high cluster payouts.

Bonus ‘Secret Santa’ Re-Spin Round

The Secret Santa Re-Spin feature is activated if a wild symbol contributes to a winning cluster. All of the symbols in the winning cluster are replaced by enigmas, and you get a respin with the enigmas still in place. When a win happens in a cluster next to the existing mystery symbols, those symbols are likewise transformed into mystery symbols. A region that cannot produce a winning combination may be turned into mystery symbols if they are surrounded by mystery symbols. All mystery symbols will disclose the same pay symbol at the conclusion of the re-spins if no fresh winning clusters land next to the mystery symbols or include wild symbols.

No Risk Turns

Any time three or more scatters appear anywhere on the reels, the player is given a number of free games to play. Free games begin at 3 scatters and increase by 1 for every subsequent scatter in view, for a maximum of 5 free games at 3 scatters. Each free spin automatically begins with a wild symbol, and the Secret Santa Re-Spins feature is activated. Each spin raises the amount of guaranteed wilds by one. There is one wild on the first spin. If the red, blue, or both red and blue scatter symbols appear during a free spin, the player will receive an additional free spin, multiplier, or both.

A Bonus for Dreaming

The Dream Drop Bonus can happen at any time before a regular spin. When triggered, the screen displays 15 gift boxes. The player clicks on boxes until three identical Jackpots are exposed, at which point the player receives the matching prize. This might be a Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, or Mega, each of which requires a minimum initial investment of €1, €5, €100, €25,000, or €500,000. The panel always displays the current reward values.

Jury Opinion on Santa’s Stack Dream Drop Slot Game

Non-Jackpot’s progenitor Santa’s Stack was a lovely Christmas surprise, oozing with charm and offering straightforward yet engaging gameplay. To begin, the game’s setting looked like it was plucked straight out of a classic video game from the 1990s, which was perfect for the holiday vibe. Even if it isn’t placed in a more conventional location—say, inside beside to a warm fire—Santa’s Stack Dream Drop manages to convey a great deal of the season’s charm. Instead, Relax Gaming has gone for the flushed cheeks of a cold winter’s eve. If you’re looking for a clean, comfortable place to test your luck, go no farther than Santa’s Stack Dream Drop.

In addition, Santa’s Stack Dream Drop provides an enjoyable game experience. The creative design of Secret Santa Re-Spins makes the appearance of a large number of mysterious symbols on the screen rather exciting. Since cluster values skyrocket towards the highest levels of the payscale, this is especially true. The higher tiers are there despite the fact that you need a lot of matching symbols to get there. The non-Jackpot win maximum is 20,000x the stake, therefore striking 60 or more Santa symbols with at least an x2 multiplier will get you there. However, because the number of free spins you receive has been reduced, it might be frustrating to finally get the bonus. If you’re not in it for the jackpot, stick with the classic.

Not a bad secondary objective, but keep in mind that this is still a Dream Drop game, thus the Mega is still the major draw. Santa’s Stack Dream Drop is a fun, all-bleeping 8-Bit vehicle in which players can try to chase down jackpots in the style of a Jackpot slot employing a cluster-paying dynamic.

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